The Range

ITC MASTER CHEF brings to you a delectable range of Cooking Pastes made with the choicest ingredients and pertaining to the highest hygiene standards. Each of the 5 variants of the Cooking Pastes are co-created with the experienced master chefs at ITC Hotels, to provide you with a restaurant quality taste of your favourite dishes in the most convenient way. Try one of our Cooking Pastes today to relish the authentic taste of the country's most popular dishes.

Co-created with the
Master Chefs

The cooking pastes have been co-created with master chefs at ITC Hotels, whose expertise and knowledge can vouch for the authentic taste of dishes prepared with these pastes.

& Convenient

Master Chef cooking pastes ensure that you can stir up a gourmet meal at home conveniently in just 3 simple steps.


High Hygiene

ITC cooking pastes undergo multiple tests to ensure that they meet the highest safety and hygiene standards. The cooking pastes are free from pesticides with a long shelf life.

The Range

Masaledaar Mutton

Relish the flavourful taste of mutton with our Masaledaar Mutton cooking paste, co-created with the Master Chefs of ITC Hotels.

Simply mix this paste in the recommended amount of water, stir well and add the mutton pieces.

So simple, yet so delectable.
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Butter Chicken

Recreate restaurant style Butter Chicken in the easiest way possible, with our Cooking Paste.

All you have to do is add the paste to water, stir well, add the chicken and cook until done to savour this all time favourite dish.

Easy to make, tastes great.
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Hyderabadi Biryani

Savour the authentic taste of the classic Hyderabadi Biryani. Co-created with the master chefs of ITC Hotels, this cooking paste makes biryani in the simplest way possible.

Cook the rice separately. Mix the cooking paste with water, add pieces of chicken, cook till done and simply layer it together.

Soul food, now made simple.

Vegetable Biryani

Enjoy yummy Vegetable Biryani, the perfect family meal, made easy with our cooking paste. Co-created with the Master Chefs at ITC Hotels, the cooking paste makes the extensive process of biryani making simple. Prepare the rice separately, add vegetables of your choice in the paste with water and layer it together once done.

Sumptuous, and simple.

Paneer Makhani

Indulge in the sweet & creamy taste of Paneer Makhani with our cooking pastes, co-created by the Master Chefs at ITC Hotels.

Simply add the paste to water, stir it well and then add the paneer to cook till done - the ideal meal for busy days.

Simple to make, delicious in taste.

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You can find our range of Cooking Pastes in all leading E-commerce stores and super markets.
You can store the product in a hygienic and dry place.
Each pack of ITC Master Chef Cooking Paste helps you make a dish for 3-4 people and should be used all at once. However, in case you want to only use a part of the paste, please refrigerate the remaining paste in the pack and consume it within 4 days of opening.
Yes, all the products are made using only vegetarian ingredients.
None of the ITC Master Chef Cooking Pastes contain any added preservatives.